Sandie Springer Stables

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We are the strong team behind you. The custom training designed to challenge you. The space built to push you further than you ever thought possible. We have everything you need to be your best.
Sandie Springer has been training students and horses for over 35 years.  Her students at every level have achieved great success in all three rings.  Most recently her student Breanna Bunevacz won the 2016 Rosewood Medal Finals in her first year of jumping 3'.  Year-end championships are the norm for Sandie's students. 

Sandie specializes in creating a safe, encouraging training environment for her students.  Through good communication and positive reinforcement, students are encouraged to push themselves to achieve their goals.  Sandie's dedication to teaching her students a solid foundation on the basics, enables them to quickly progress and become better more confident riders.

"Riding horses is more than a sport, it's an art form." says Sandie.  "The beauty of riding is the communication between the horse and rider.  These are skills that must be taught.  A good rider does not become great until they understand how to become one with their horse.  Trust, compassion, discipline are key focuses at Sandie Springer Stables."